Foundation for Contemporary Art-Ghana

Foundation for Contemporary Art–Ghana is a network of artists created in 2004 to offer a platform for the critical presentation, development and promotion of contemporary art in Ghana. As a membership based non-profit institution, FCA-Ghana serves as a laboratory that provides resources necessary for the growth of artists creatively and intellectually through a knowledge centre/library, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, artist presentations, residencies and publications.

Its formation was initiated by the Late Prof. Joe Nkrumah (Anthropologist/Conservator/Curator) and Virginia Ryan (Australian-Italian Artist/Writer) with an initial founding membership of about 23 consisting of artists, gallerists, academics and patrons of the arts.


Our mission is to create an active network of artists, offer a platform for the presentation of contemporary art, and to develop a critical forum for the promotion of contemporary art in Ghana.


Organise exhibitions, seminars, workshops and issue publications to raise the awareness of and develop critical thinking about Contemporary Art and Artists in Ghana.

Establish a resource centre of arts-related text for consultation, research and documentation.

Establish a public database of artists, arts organizations, art businesses, galleries and others interested in Contemporary Art in Ghana.

Cultivate an audience for contemporary art in Ghana

Our project space is located at the W.E.B. Du Bois Centre for Pan-African Research on the 2nd Circular Road in Cantonments. It houses one of the largest art reference libraries on contemporary Art in Ghana and serves the research needs of artists. The space also offers internet services for further research and serves as a meeting and networking space to meet artists.

In the last ten years, most of our projects have centred on the discourse on contemporary art with projects such as Meet the Artist series, Cities Sequels, Art in the Garden/Public Spaces, Tapped Talents, Critique Clinics and Exhibitions. We continue to collaborate with numerous project some of which have been The Archive: Static, Embodied, Practiced [Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos], smARTpower [Bronx Museum of the Arts], Global Crit Clinics[GCC Team] the Chalewote Street Art Festival [Accra[dot]Alt] and many more.