AnTC – DeRoché Strohmayer & Erandi de Silva

Realising responsive, relevant and enduring architecture. A Model for Architectural Engagement with the World

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Foundation for Contemporary Art (FCA) – Ghana
W.E.B. DuBois Centre for Pan African Culture, 1st Circular Rd, Cantonments – Accra

DeRoché Strohmayer is an architectural practice based in Accra, New York City, and Vienna. The studio realises responsive, relevant and enduring projects that are rooted in their context through the design of meaningful, forward-thinking and inclusive spaces. Guided by creativity and curiosity, the studio’s projects are often led by research and community-focused engagement.

Alongside the studio’s network and process, DeRoché Strohmayer’s unique setup in Accra acts as the foundation for their sustainable practices and initiatives. Working closely with local partners allows the studio to be more directly in dialogue with supply chains that connect their architectural projects to the ecologies and social networks of a region. It allows DeRoché Strohmayer to develop refined, bespoke building systems, materials and details that make more with what is readily available within their local context.

Their projects relate to landscapes and urban contexts in distinct yet sensitive ways. Far from a sterile design environment that is focused on specifying products from catalogues, the studio’s methods are hands-on and embedded in the tactile act of making. This ethos pervades all aspects of DeRoché Strohmayer’s architectural work, from working with stakeholders, developing participatory strategies, and respecting ecologies; to sourcing, reusing and assembling materials; to programming and maintenance.

DeRoché Strohmayer is led by Glenn DeRoché and Juergen Strohmayer, who bring together over 20 years of global experience working on acclaimed building realizations and conducting academic research. Through this wealth of experience, the duo has developed a wide range of skillsets that help them to conceive customized approaches to every brief. Their inaugural project, the Surf Ghana Collective House, developed in dialogue with the Busua community, has received international recognition and was exhibited at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. DeRoché Strohmayer is the recipient of the 2023 Holcim Gold Award for Sustainable Construction for the Middle East and Africa. The Surf Ghana Collective House project was recognised by the jury as “an innovative project which creates a dynamic community space that empowers youth and promotes responsible tourism through a cooperative approach.”

DeRoché Strohmayer will present their projects and processes to our network of artists, practitioners and the general public in an Art & Thought Conversation session moderated by Erandi de Silva. 2024